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Thermoformed Plastic Insert Tray
Typically used as packaging inserts or shipping trays. Plastic trays provide protection top products and keep the product in place before being inserted into an outer packaging such as clear plastic box, clamshell, and carton box.
Materials available: PET,PS,PVC,PP,PETG ( other materials available upon request)
Plastic insert tray features:
•    Allows the product to be visible to the customer.
•    Designed to fit product according to size.
•    Trays help to keep product in place.
•    Economical shipping costs because trays can be stacked.
Thermoformed Plastic Trays are perfect for:
•    Cosmetic and Beauty products
•    Toys/ Gaming
•    Medical and Dental instruments
•    Electronics
•    Gift/ Craft packaging
•    Food packaging
•    Chocolate packaging
•    Shipping boxes
•    Display trays

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Plastic food insert liners

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